The Mulholland Experience


Everybody Loves Mulholland

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Table of Contents
The Mulholland Experience

Part I. Switchback

· The First Inhabitants - The Chumash Indians
· Tiburcio Vasquez and His Santa Monica Mountains Hideout
· William Mulholland & The Building of A Garden Metropolis
· The Hollywood Connection
· The Building of Mulholland Highway
· The Building of Two Dams

Part II. The Legacy of The Spirit

· The Legends of Mulholland Drive
· An Empire Builds A Road Racer
· Charley’s Ghost
· The Spectre Is Born

Part III. Stories From Mulholland

· Crash & Burn or “Mull Can Be Hairy”
· It’s Your Lucky Day
· Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
· When Your Luck Runs Out The LAPD Wins
· Riding The Roller Coaster
· Great American Getaways

Part IV. The rebirth of The Road Racers

· Mulholland Shuts Down
· Shake, Rattle & Roll “When Nature Has It’s Way”
· A Reason To Rally
· The Mulholland Racers & “What They Are Doing Now”
· Disclaimer
· Bibliography